Flag hoisting and lowering ceremony

It’s  proud Sri Lankan moment that top on the list. One of the Triforces, the Navy, is in charge of the ceremony. The Lion flag is raised to stand high in the air at 9 in the morning and is brought down with humility and respect at 6 in the evening, just before the sun is ready to set. The flag Lowering ceremony  gets special attention from the leisure seekers on the Galle Face Green. When the flag comes down, everything comes to a standstill position including the crowd to give due respect to the nation’s pride. This is a must watch site and an amazing opportunity for photographers to capture the moment.

An air force officer holds Sri Lanka's national flag as the sun sets at Galle Face Green in Colombo.
An air force officer holds Sri Lanka’s national flag as the sun sets at Galle Face Green in Colombo.


Trying Sri Lanka Street Food

Galle Face Green is the only prominent and favourite place for Trying Sri Lanka Street Food in Colombo. Having NaNa’sTandoori Chicken and Naan is a must try thing in Galle Face Green. Apart from Nana’s, it has street food vendors selling  the famous “Isso Wade” and “Achcharu” or pickle in small food stalls. “Achcharu” from Galle Face Green has its own Sri Lankan flavour with a mixer of different spices from Sri Lanka. “PaanParag” is another snack to try in the Galle face Green which is served in a cube shaped beetle leaves and areca nuts in different flavours and colours It is sweetened with crushed dates syrup. “Kottu” or “ Kottu Parata “ sold in Nana’s is  second only to Pilawoos.

Street food vendors at Galle Face Green
Street food vendors at Galle Face Green


Beachfront for  relaxation at Galle Face Green

It’s historically known for a beach front for sports. It was once a race course and later the British played their other favourite sports such as  Polo, Golf, Cricket and Rugby. Today Galle Face Green has become a Beachfront for  relaxation, playing family cricket and an ideal place for kite flyers, which can be considered as an escape  from a life dominated by technology and a chance to bring back good old days’ outdoor childhood games for Colombo City dwellers. Easy Toys like Yoyo, puppetry, kites and various toys are sold by street vendors seated on the Galle Face Lawn, is a special treat for children.

Kites and other activities at Galle Face Green
Kites and other activities at Galle Face Green
“Faire Une Promenade”

Walking with the rising sun or sunset between The Galle face Hotel and Colombo harbour while breathing the breeze from the Indian ocean is a  unique experience  in Galle face Green.  Health  or leisure, the lush green lawn and the long beach front promenade gives a refreshing start to the morning or satisfying end to the day. Ir is better to go for a walk in the morning around 7 am because the atmosphere is totally different- Galle Face Green is a lot  calmer and more peaceful compared to the evenings, this can help you to bring a good start to the day.

Relax at Galle Face Green
Relax at Galle Face Green
Le Pique-Nique

It is a place for easy get way with  friends and family. Amazing Ocean view, Typical Sri Lankan Street food, easy games and sports and some Historical buildings- such as  the old Parliament building around the corner will add more speciality to your quality time with the family. This Pique-Nique spot; the Galle Face Green is located in the heart of Colombo city,  it is indeed  an easy escape from hectic Colombo City life on a weekend.


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