Dylan Wickrama

We all love traveling. Of course, some, more than others. There are those who enjoy the casual hike to the mountains. There are those who prefer a glimpse in to a country’s history. Then there’s Dylan Wickrama. A man who has traveled to 80 countries in 3 years on a motorbike (no, that wasn’t a typo). He will be coming down to Sri Lanka in early February. So if you’re someone passionate about traveling, then this should certainly pique your interest.Dylan Wickrama

Who is Dylan Wickrama exactly?

In case its not obvious already, Dylan is a traveler. His life as a traveler includes 80 countries in his list. Traveling to 80 countries alone is quite the conquest. But what makes it more amazing is the fact that all those 80 countries were done on nothing but a motorbike. Although, that might not be entirely true. There was one time where Dylan had to transport his bike over the sea on a raft made out of metal barrels. At the time, Dylan had no clue about faring in the oceans. But in the end, it was a group of dolphins that came to his rescue.

But things didn’t always look bright for him. Having lost his father at the age of 6, life was never a walk in the park for young Dylan. But after reading මඩොල් දූව (Madol Doova), he was inspired. Fast forward to the present that inspiration has become a reality. Now, he wants to share his story and inspire others to travel. As such, Dylan will be conducting a session right here in Sri Lanka on the 8th of February.

Is the event for me?

If you’re a hiker, traveler or someone just passionate about traveling in general, then this is definitely not something you want to miss out on. Of course, everybody is more than welcome to join. If you wish to sign up, then click here.

The dolphin story is one of Dylan’s many remarkable stories during his little trip around the world. So if you want to know what its really like traveling around the world, make your way to the Colombo School of Business & Management on the 8th of February. You can follow the event page to stay up to date on everything.  The event is jointly organized by Dinushka Medagoda, together with Trips Lanka. We, at Travel Diaries will be joining hands as the Digital Media Partner. So if you see us on the 8th, do drop by and say hello.



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