Jetwing hotels. It’s certainly not a new name to the hospitality industry in Sri Lanka. The hotel chain’s “Room Rush” deal is offering up to 50% off of its properties. Now before you get too excited, there are a few conditions.

Terms and conditions

  • First, this offer only applies to Sri Lankans and Sri Lankan resident visa holders only.
  • This isn’t valid for group bookings.
  • A full/partial payment will be charged as confirmation.
  • Standard check-in/check-out of the respective hotel will apply.
  • Cannot be combined with other offers.
  • Applicable meal plans are mentioned for each hotel.

With regards to cancellations, refunds will only be valid if cancelled 2 days prior to arrival. Failure to arrive at the hotel will lead to 100% cancellation fee.

Jetwing Hotels | Room Rush

So where can I go for the Jetwing Hotels Room Rush offer?

As per Jetwing Hotels website the offer is valid across 21 of Jetwing’s properties. These include,

50% off, valid until 15th July 2019

  • Jetwing Blue: 50% off (valid until 15th July 2019)
  • North Gate by Jetwing: 50% off
  • Mermaid Hotel & Club: 50% off
  • Jetwing Jaffna: 50% off
  • Jie Jie Beach by Jetwing: up to 50% off
  • Jetwing Yala: 50% off
  • Jetwing Lake: 50% off
  • Jetwing Sea: 50% off
  • Jetwing St. Andrew’s: 50% off
  • Jetwing Lagoon: 50% off

Other offers

  • Galle Heritage Villa by Jetwing: 25% off (valid until 15th July 2019)
  • Jetwing Warwick Garden: 30% off (valid until 15th July 2019)
  • Jetwing Safari Camp: 30% off (valid until 15th July 2019)
  • Jetwing Kurulubedda: 25% off (valid until 15th July 2019)
  • Jetwing Surf: 50% off (valid until 30th June 2019)
  • Jetwing Kaduruketha: 30% off (valid until 15th July 2019)
  • Sunrise by Jetwing: 50% off (valid until 30th June 2019)
  • Calamansi Cove Villas by Jetwing: 20% off (valid for May and June 2019)
  • Jetwing Lighthouse: 30% off (valid until 15th July 2019)
  • Jetwing Colombo Seven: Starting from LKR 12,000 (valid until 31st July 2019)

Rebuilding an industry

It’s no secret how badly the Easter Sunday attack has affected the Sri Lanka Tourism industry. According to M. Shanthikumar, President of City Hotels Association, “At present, foreign guest occupancies in the city hotels are below 5%, and locals too are not patronizing food and beverage outlets within hotels”.

Jetwing Hotels Room Rush
Image Credits: Travel Plus Style

On a positive note, it seems that the government is looking to support the industry’s revival efforts. On the other hand, we also see prominent players in the market like Jetwing Hotels attempt to encourage more visitors. Whether these efforts will pay off, we’ll know in time. We’d like to think it will.

If you would like to know more about the Jetwing Hotels Room Rush offer, click here.

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