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KumbukRiver. It’s certainly not an unfamiliar name. The property has been the only recipient of the world’s leading eco-lounge award (2008) at the World Travel Awards. Famous for the massive elephant shaped villa, its riverside property features new additions that incorporate the look and feel of a tribal village. This tribal village is one that’s aimed at the backpackers.

KumbukRiver’s own Jungle Coffee Shop

Sri Lanka’s traditional Kopi Kade (coffee shop) is usually the core of the village. This is where the villagers would frequently gather for some coffee and fellowship, almost in a ritualistic manner. KumbukRiver’s own Jungle Coffee Shop drew inspiration from this traditional Kopi Kade. Adjacent to this Coffee Shop is the new backpackers’ lodge. The addition essentially aims to make KumbukRiver’s unique experience available to more people. Particularly to those who stroll through the nearby Yala National park, or even Ella.

KumbukRiver | elephant villa | backpackers
KumbukRiver’s famous elephant villa (Image Credits: Culture Trip)

“KumbukRiver attracts visitors from countries you’d be surprised thanks to the media coverage it gets. Up till now, a naturally beautiful location was complimented by quintessentially luxurious or uniquely mind-blowing accommodation. But that didn’t allow the globe-trotting backpackers a chance to experience one of the world’s most unique hideouts. We finally responded by creating not just two tribal-styled lodges but a Kopi Kade (කෝපි කඩේ) and a Kolam Maduwa (කෝලම් මඩුව) to go with it”, mentions Dinesh Watawana, KumbukRiver’s founder.

A unique and authentic experience

Dinesh hopes the bigger crowd along with the Kolam Maduwa would promote the village’s traditional performance artists. While attempting to bring in an authentic Sri Lankan experience, Dinesh believes that the Coffee Shop would become a meeting point for the guests.

Who doesn’t love a cuppa from the village tea kiosk – Dinesh Watawana

The Backpackers’ Lodge is one of the few offerings by KumbukRiver. For those of you curious, this lodge houses 6, has 2 toilets and comes with an open-air shower in the courtyard. If needed, a second dorm is also available for use. Other offerings at KumbukRiver includes the Jungle Cabin, Boat House, the Elephant Villa, and something they call Tree Luxuria.



Feature Image Credits: KumbukRiver


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