Sri Lanka’s Venice is the Portuguese made, the Dutch loved and the British ruled fish port and the coastal town of Negombo. It is located approximately 35kms away from Colombo and 6kms away from Katunayake International Airport on the west coast of Sri Lanka. This place eats, talks and smells of fish.

It accommodates Sri Lanka’s the second largest Fish Market “Lellama”, and a couple of fishing villages. Negombo has this blended charm of Colonialism and modernity with a pinch of Sri Lankan culture. The upcoming tourist destination of Sri Lankan is a complete adventure and pleasure for wanderlusts. It has all classes and types of hotels, fancy shopping malls, multi-cuisine restaurants, tea shops and, of course, the most happening nightlife.

Fishing villages, fishermen, monuments belong to the Colonial period, sandy beaches and water sports, Lagoon and the mangrove safari, local arrack and spicy fish curry are the attraction or the MUST- DOs in Negombo. Negombo’s satisfactory transportation facility and excellent amenities will make your stay and travel trouble-free.

Never miss out the Mangrove Safari  on your itinerary! Veel Plezier!



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