Superstitious Beliefs that Prevail in Sri Lanka

Superstitious Beliefs that Prevail in Sri Lanka

Every single human being is superstitious in one way or the other. Sri Lankans have some super classy beliefs, some are part of the custom – they’re fun to watch and super crazy to do.  Here are some of them.

1. The Cat and the broken glass!

A black cat crosses  one’s  way,  it’s called a bad omen. It’s also said if one drinks from a broken glass it would bring bad luck.

2. The touching and the spittting 

Just in case you have described something as  extraordinary like ” it is a BEAUTIFUL house!” or ” she has THICK hair” which can possibly be affected by an evil eye – to prevent that you either say ” touch wood” or ” touch gold”.  Alternatively Spitting on, to the right with the sound effect Thoo Thoo” can get rid of the evil eye and evil mouth.

3. The Gecko has  a say in our life!

A family is important and core to one’s life in Sri Lanka.  Said that, decisions are made in family discussions. Hence, when the final verdict is made if the Gecko gives a short chirping sound it’s accepted that even the Gecko agrees.  If the Gecko gives a high pitched alarm it’s a sign of bad tidings, and decisions have to be changed.

4. The Crow, the cawing, and the visitors

The first spoon of the special meal is made sure to keep to the ancestor the “Crow”  and one has to caw looking at the sky in order to invite the Crow to the meal.

Also, if the crow caws in the morning in close approximate to your house  it’s a sign there will be visitors during the day. But if a crow caws in the evening – you better be cautious. It’s a BAD OMEN! Ooops! 

5. Don’t drink that water!

If you’ve been invited for a special meal remember one thing. If there’s a tray bearing a single glass of water or glasses of water, DON’T take and gulp it – it’s not for you to drink, it’s a sign inviting. Politely touch the glass as a sign of acceptance.

6. The Astrology decides your life

Astrology plays a very important part in  Buddhist and Hindu traditions and it’s firmly believed in Rahu Kaala (inauspicious time) one should avoid doing anything possible – so nothing possibly could go wrong.  It didn’t go well blame it on that Rahu Kaala.

7. Expulsion of 18 Demons. 

Daha-Ata-Sanniya is a costumed exorcism of 18 demons. These demons are believed to have taken over spirits of the afflicted. The ceremony commences at dusk  and continues until dawn. The performers of this ritual adopt the character of these 18 demons  and vigorously dance, sing and crack jokes. – it is indeed quite a show to watch, but sadly these demons are not multi-lingual.

So what do you think about some of these superstitious beliefs? Know any other interesting superstitious stuff? Let us know in the comments.

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