A combination of sea, surf, sun, serenity grabs the global attention towards Sri Lanka. Matara, a Southern city of Sri Lanka has its own most happening beaches. It is said that whoever visits Matara should never miss the four best beaches  – because there is no repetition and they are so different – therefore we didn’t.

“Thank god it’s Friday!”

That is what we said once that Friday of the week came after finalizing everything of our trip to Matara.  First step- flop – may be due to over-excitement we missed the afternoon train and caught the evening train to Matara from Colombo – the next day our sun rose in Matara.  Splendid South of Sri Lanka is, of course, a beach destination – here are the best four beaches we found in Matara which made our trip more exotic.

Weligama Bay/ Beach

When we arrived at Weligama Bay/ Beach plenty of things caught our eyes when we stepped out of the Tuk-Tuk, but the very first thing was an array of Surfboards then some surfers.  Climbing down the staircases to the beach we realized, it was such a long sandy beach stretch.

We were told by surfers that one could walk through the water up to 200M and we suggest you try it.  It had shallow waves not quite high to do Pro surfing, It could be called as a place for beginners’ surfing paradise.

It had plenty of places for accommodation in all category from youth hostels to boutique hotels,  therefore it takes away your tension of finding an accommodation if you want to stay back and learn surfing and your pocket will not bite you when you look for MORE money.  It is worth trying local cuisines here- Sri Lanka does not have Cholera so must -try is  “Roti Café” which served delicious traditional Sri Lankan cuisine.  it is a  disappointment to say that there is no nightlife in Weligama- even if it has its ends at 11 pm. Ahhahh that’s not a good news!

Mirissa Beach and its nightlife until 4 am

Next to go is the actual surfing paradise Mirissa Beach.  “Not all beautiful things are good” Mirissa was truly beautiful but extremely scary and it was a very rough beach with high waves – Surf enthusiasts – now it’s your place!

Surfers and non-surfers alike always watch out for sea-urchin in Mirissa- it had nested almost on all rocks, therefore always ask a local before jumping in. If you are pricked by Sea-Urchin then apply  “Wara-Kiri” a local medicine and rush to a DOC- don’t panic, you’ll be fine! We say so because we had the first-hand experience and trust us you won’t DIE!  

Backpackers the golden tip  for you is – always take a tuk-tuk if you are new to the area, to reach Mirissa Beach Matara we had to travel at least around 1km inward from the main road, and a Tuk-Tuk driver knew this area at the back of his hand, he could drop you at the exact surfing spot.

The beach had a couple of wooden guests houses overlooking an awe-inspiring ocean view located the closest to the beach.  Apart from surfing, Whale watching, Dolphin watching and Finishing tour in the Indian ocean are some other interesting things to do in Mirissa. Unlike Weligama, Mirissa has the most happening nightlife in the South which goes on till 4 am, So lets party all night!

The Light House “Devinuwara” or “Dondra”

What do you adore about Colonialism? Are you an Epistemophilia? If “YES”  then you should visit Dondra. “Devinuwara “ or “Dondra” as in Sinhala this small city of God has one of the oldest lighthouses in the modern world which is located at the southernmost tip of Sri Lanka.

If you want to climb the giant British structure then make sure you have no height-fear and you have well-functioning lungs. This adventurous 220 steps trip will make you pant right in the middle, but the 360-degree view of the India Ocean will make you forget that struggle of climbing it. Avoid taking children, as the upper part of the railing is slippery- be cautious!

Dondra point where world’s three major water bodies meet

Information- it is a British structure, even the stones were brought from England and were built in 1889, and Dondra point where world’s three major water bodies meet, they are the Laccadive sea, the bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean.  There is nothing much to do in Dondra but a lot to know and a must-to-be-place.

Polhena Beach

The nearest beach to Matara is the Pol Beach which is 10 minutes away.  This beach is quite famous among the foreigners and locals but surprisingly not among most of the Sri Lankans in general. On arrival, we thought it was the replica of Galle Face Green in Colombo. It was densely crowded by the locals. If you are allergic to crowd avoid this place on Weekends.

The beach has a petite natural pool so you can do sea-bathing or teach swimming to kids- that’s what most of the parents were doing.  If you are interested in Marine Bio or you are an aquarist and do snorkeling then this is your heaven on the earth, Corel reef in Polhena Beach is considered to be one of the best in Asia.

Polhena beach is not a  recommended place for surfing, but you can try.  Word of advice, wear flip-flops.  We would like to give a “faux-pas” sign for bikini wearers – trust us you would feel embarrassed and we want you to be happy! OxOxOx Red mark- WATCH-OUT! for Sea Urchin!

These are our suggestions for your “beach bum” holiday in the Matara. If you know more, please feel free to write it down in the comments.



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