Surfing is one of the most prominent water sports in the world and to learn this art of surfing, rough waves and dedicated instructors are a must. Sri Lanka has a few surfing friendly zones in this petite island. Therefore we wanted to try surfing in one of them. But we were all beginners. We knew a little about surfing. So to learn surfing and to learn about surfing we rushed towards Weligama. It was once a fishing village, now piled up with surfing boards everywhere.

We reached Weligama “Surfing Spot”  as they call it in a Tuk-Tuk, it cost exactly Rs.80 from Weligama town. To see, it was an actual surfing spot! There were around eleven surfing schools with personal and group instructors who were ready to teach their favorite craft to the surf enthusiasts. What surprised us was that they were an amicable crowd who were ever ready to help even though we were complete strangers to them. This made it really easy for us to build a friendship which led to a comfortable conversation and led them to share everything they know about surfing.

Meet Chaya sen, He's a Surfing trainer in Weligama
Meet Chaya sen, He’s a Surfing trainer

Surfing schools start their day at 6 am, but we could reach there only at 10 am, thus we missed watching the morning ceremony. When we asked one of the surfers “How do you start your day?”  he said  ” Like how any other business in the country we also start by sprinkling turmeric water on the cleaned sandy beach after conducting the day’s pooja- because surfing is our life and we respect it ”  These schools in the Weligama Bay were said to  be well-recognised and most of them had the certificate of recognition and license for conducting a surfing school from  International Surfing Association. If you are lucky, you’ll get a National level surfer or a Champion as your lesson instructor- How cool is that!

Let’s focus more on surfing lessons:

A typical day at the surfing School in Weligama
A typical day at the surfing School
How surfing lessons are  conducted?

The assigned time period of a lesson is two hours.  A lesson is  given in four stages, in which  the first two stages the surfers are trained in white waves and then for the remaining two stages they taken to Green waves for advanced surfing.

How much does it cost?

The entire package of surfing lesson including surfing board is charged for Rs. 3500 per a head and the rental fee for the surfboard alone is Rs.300 per hour. There are personal instructors like Chaya Sen, who offers lessons for Rs. 2500, which is comparably cheap.

What is the medium of Instruction?

The medium of instruction is mostly in English and in some surfing schools it is done in Rusian. Some cannot speak English fluently, but you will understand what is explained, thus give more attention to the body movements of the instructor basically flexibility is what important in surfing.

Support services such as boards for rental, boards  and pins repair, surf tours and  tuk-tuk are provided in the spot.

Weligama Bay  is indeed a Beginners’ and amateurs’ surfing paradise, not professionals. Beginners pack you bags, book your room and come, the rest all you need for surfing is here.

The sandy beaches of Weligama

 Find the details of Surfing schools in Weligama below.

  1. Soul Surf – Facebook: soulsurfweligama, Tel: 0779498119
  2. Samaru Beach House
  3. Surfing Lanka – surflanka.com
  4. Good Story by Hotel Neptune
  5. Blue Wave Surf School – Tel: +94775308993
  6. Surf Mania – Facebook: Surfmania, Tel: +94778810040
  7. Wave2you – email: wave2youweligama@gmail.com , Tel: +9476788988
  8. My Brother Surf School
  9. Lucky’s Surfing – Facebook: SriLankan Loki, Tel: +94721690919
  10. My Surf Camp – Tel: +94777577800


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